Guitar Links


Here are some of our friends who make truly awesome guitars. They are all unique, so check them out:

Jason Kostal is a good friend and a fantastic luthier. His guitars are works of art and should not be missed by anyone seeking the highest quality and greatest sounding instruments. You can see his work at

Gordy Bischoff is another great friend who creates beautiul work. See his fantastic guitars at

Our friend, Brian Applegate worked with Jim Olsen and produces awesome guitars. Check him out at

Brian's neighbor and great guy is Gerry Humphrey who makes beautiful acoustic amps. See

Another friend of ours who produces beautiful guitars is David MacCubbin. His guitar is all over our website since we own one! Don't miss his work at

If you're looking for archtop guitars, you've got to see Erich Solomon's guitars. They are elegant and wonderfully designed.
Visit for more info.

We've been very fortunate and honored to have worked with some of the finest luthiers around. The following people all create fantastic instruments and are all worth your time to get to know if you're in the market for a new guitar or if you just want to look at some gorgeous work! We recommend buying at least one guitar from each luthier.

Jeff Traugott -

Michael Greenfield -

Leonardo Buendia -

Kathy Wingert -

Mike Baranik -

Isaac Jang -

Michael Bashkin -

John O'Hanesian -

Carlos Everett -

Other Great Custom Guitar Sources

Your Perfect Guitar is run by Bob Singer. He's a great guy who can make your most exotic guitar dream come true. From picking out wood sets to consulting on the guitar that will truly work for you, Bob is the guy to make it happen. Definitely go through his site at and then give him a call. You will not be disappointed.

For a selection of great guitars and truly knowledgable advice, go to CR Guitars in Rhinebeck, NY. Craig and Renée have a beautiful salon in the center of Rhinebeck with a tremendous selection of Collings, Kostal, Marchione, Sadowsky, Blackbird and other guitars.
Their site is

Taking a Stand

Another friend of ours is Dennis Kalkowski. Dennis is a very cool guy who unfortunately suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, not that it prevents him from accomplishing great things. Dennis, his wife Gloria, and Bob Rogers created Slowlane Guitars to help raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and to spread the joy of making music.

Read Dennis's story of how he created Slowlane Guitars and learned the skills to build his stunning instruments. If you're looking for a great Stratocastor or Tele type electric, you can't do better and do better good by checking out Slowlane Guitars at